Tuesday, January 21, 2014

365 Project | Week 3

This week had a special occasion in it for our family, 8 years ago we became parents!  We had such an amazing week, but  I have to admit I was sad when it was time for my daughter's birthday.  She is turning into such a little lady!  I love my kids to pieces, just wish they weren't in such a hurry to grow up!  My baby Liam who's 16 months old thinks he is a big boy like Skyler and Chloe!  

Check back soon for a blog entry about Chloe's birthday!

Images from Jan 12 - 18,  2014

Day 12 {1.12.2014 Matching} Chloe is so happy to have shoes just like mommy! 
These have always been my favorite type of Sketchers! Today we both got a new pair!

Day 13 {1.13.2014 leg} I love those Chunky little legs!

Day 14 {1.14.2014 birthday girl} Before I went to bed (around 12:30 I sneaked in her 
room to give her a kiss and I just couldn't resist getting a picture of her. 
She looks so little while she sleeps! Can't believe my baby girl is 8!

Day 15 {1.15.2014 Tunnel} Skyler thinks Liam's tunnel is more fun as a caterpillar 
than on the ground! He loves this gift!

Day 16 {1.16.2014 Blanket} Liam loves his blankets, so much that you find him rolling around with them on the floor! He reminds me so much of his auntie! Most days 
Liam acts like such a big boy but not today he is my little baby!

Day 17 {1.17.2014 Mr. Cool Dude} Skyler calls these "Papa Glasses" 
He wants to be just like his papa! Skyler's face is totally priceless!

Day 18 {1.18.2014 popcorn show} Chloe and Mommy had fun watching Catching Fire!

Continue on with the circle and see what the amazing Cynthia is up to this week!


  1. Your perspectives are amazing this week!!! My favorite is Liam's legs behind the wall!!! Beautiful week :)

  2. What a happy week you had! I love so many of these but Skyler in his shades has to be a favorite!!

  3. Love these!! I love Liams chubby baby legs the most! I also love the last one!

  4. I love squishy baby feet and the movie shot was fantastic!