Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 Minutes of a Busy Toddler at Play

We all know how energetic toddlers can be and wouldn't it be great if you could bottle up their energy.  I know I would love to have even a small percentage of his energy.  It is just endless.   The other day while my husband was inside playing legos with my other son, Liam was begging to go outside.  So of course I took him out there, and I was hoping to get my daily image.  I sure captured my picture of the day and a few more.  Here is a glimpse of what a busy little toddler he is! We were outside for about only 10 minutes before the rain started rolling in.


  1. Love that it was only 10 minutes!! Great job.

  2. Oh my gosh so much got done in 10 mins though! We were up by you I think that day it rained then cause we went to Dole and it was raining while we were there. Such a cutie can't wait to meet up with you guys. Right now we only have one car though...