Tuesday, January 27, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 4

Favorites January 18 - 24, 2015

Day 18 {1.18.2015 Girl Day}  Chloe's all dolled up for a girls day!  Off to the Best Mall on the island!  A day filled with shopping and girl talk!

 Day 19 {1.19.2015 So tired} Skyler just couldn't last 5 more minutes until we got home. I was so surprised to see he fell asleep with his hand in his cheerios.

Day 20 {1.20.2015 Superman family} Liam found all the Supermans We have a Daddy, Skyler and Liam!

Day 21 {1.21.2015 Taking a break} It was just one of those days where the boys need some time apart. Between 3-4pm can be a struggle with bickering and fighting and I ended up having to put Skyler in timeout. I made him do his time upstairs while I was cleaning. After a minute I noticed how adorable he looked just sitting there, he looked so little. After his timeout was over he was totally different, sometimes kids just need a short break.

Day 22 {1.22.2015} Hmmmmmmm

 Day 23 {1.23.2015 Trouble Maker} Liam loves our washer and dryer and today he got in trouble! I caught him putting all his blankets and toys in the dryer... Meanwhile he dumped all of my laundry that was in the dryer on the floor!

Day 24 {1.24.2015 Passing Time} My kids were so excited to meet their Great Aunt & Uncle and kept asking is it time yet... is it time yet. I had to break the news to them that they had a over an hour still until we left for Honolulu. So I told them, why don't you guys have an adventure! I tried peeking on them but Chloe caught me!

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  1. Love how you capture your family!

  2. Jenny, I love your week. I can't get over the portrait of Chloe.

  3. Loved your week. He is so cute sleeping in the car. I bet you had fun shopping.

  4. Oh my gosh so true our little ones just need to take a chill pill sometimes!! Wonderful week!!