Tuesday, January 13, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 2

It has been such a fun week and enjoying every moment of it with Chloe still being home on winter break!  The boys will be so sad when their sister has to go back to school... They love their sister so much! 

Favorite January 4 - 10, 2015

Day 4 {1.4.2015 Run} I'm gonna get you mommy!

 Day 5 {1.5.2015 Skates}  Chloe got a pair of skates for her dolly and herself for Christmas! I can't get enough of them skating together! They are so adorable!

Day 6 {1.6.2015 Morning}  He helped himself to gazing out the kitchen window while Mommy was busy making breakfast!  He is starting to lose his chunky legs... :(

Day 7 {1.7.2015 Reading time} How adorable are they! Last night before PJ time. Liam wanted Chloe to read his book of Liam adventure as a hungry caterpillar. 

Day 8 {1.8.2015 Deep thought}  Skyler always has this look on him... He is planning his next adventure I swear!

Day 9 {1.9.2015 Cheese)  Mommy Cheese!  And he actually got a picture of me taking a picture of  him!  Love it!

Day 10 {1.10.2015 Spy} Liam found his "Spy" Glasses and he loves them.  He thinks he is so funny when he puts them on!

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  1. Oh gosh, just love that step stool shot! Perfection with the little flexed foot!