Tuesday, May 12, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 19

Favorites May 3 - 9, 2015

 Day 123 {5.3.2015 Protection} Fun in the sun here sometimes means being very well covered! No sunburning for my babies

Day 124 {5.4.2015 Doctor}  Is there a Doctor in the house?

 Day 125 {5.5.2015 Heroes}  Mommy's Protectors and My Heroes! <3

Day 126 {5.6.2015 Passed Out} I think it so funny how kids can be playing and the next minute passed out! Wish it was that easy for me to fall asleep.

Day 127 {5.6.2015 Brothers}  I <3 their bond! They are so adorable together!

Day 128 {5.7.2015 Minecraft}  My kids love Minecraft and Skyler has been collecting the little guys.  So today he make a Tower for them.  On the top is King Magma Cube!

Day 129 {5.8.2015 Pedicures} Early Mother's Day Gift... Mother and Daughter Pedicures! 

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  1. Love the mommy/daughter pedis! And the interaction between your adorable boys is precious <3

  2. Love your week Jenny! The doctor image may bust be a new favorite from you.

  3. Your boys are so cuuuute!! Beautiful week. <3

  4. The little doctor and those toes! Such great stories!