Tuesday, May 19, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 20

Favorites May 10 -16, 2015

 Day 130 {5.10.2015 Mother's Day}  Handmade Gifts are the Best! I had such a wonderful day!

Day 131 {5.11.2015 Silliness} Crazy boys came downstairs with all their pairs of underwear on their heads and arms. They put down the ones their arms when the camera came out but kept it on their head for a long time! Silly boys! They always know how to make Momma laugh and smile!

Day 132 {5.12.2015 See} I can't see you Mommy!

Day 133 {5.13.2015 Urkel}  Urkel Strikes again!  This reminds me so much of my brother.  He was so silly too!

Day 134 {5.14.2015 beach} Beach Time {iPhone}! We discover a new beach today and since it was a little rainy off and on I didn't bring my Big Camera... Thank goodness for iPhone!

Day 135 {5.15.2015 Relaxed} Just Chillin!

Day 136 {5.16.2015 Bond} She is always my baby girl! A little Mommy and Me time today !

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Lori Dozier


  1. That underwear shot! Too cute!!

  2. Your kids are so cute. Looks like a fun week. I love the beautiful image of you and your daughter!