Tuesday, November 25, 2014

365 Project | Week 47

November 16 - 22, 2014

 Day 320 {11.16.2014 Shopping} Who said costumes are only for Halloween! Skyler was mommy's protector today at the Commissary. 

Day 321 {11.17.2014 Wish list} We recently got this magazine in the mail and Skyler was so over joyed showing us all these awesome toys for Christmas or his upcoming birthday! He really has his heart set on this Lazer Tag set.

 Day 322 {11.18.2014 My baby}  No matter how big he gets I will always see my baby in his eyes! 

 Day 323 {11.19.2014 Karate Day} Skyler looks forward to Wednesday, it's his special day and today was extra special. This was his 3rd time going to Karate class, 1st time he said he loved it and then afterwards said no more mommy. But he surprised me and we went last week. Today he did so well he got promoted to the higher level class! Before class starts the kids are suppose to sit still and be quiet. Doesn't he look so adorable there!

Day 324 {11.20.2014 Jumper} Almost everyday Liam takes off all his bedding off his bed (he even does it to my bed if he gets into my room), but now he is starting to reorganize his room and Be a little jumping Monkey! Good thing it's a little toddler bed vs a twin that is high off the ground.

Day 325  {11.21.2014 Blocks} Future construction worker! They can build for hours! Love seeing their masterpieces!

Day 326 {11.22.2014 Style} And we call this Skyler Fashion! Skyler has his own style Robes and superman sock! So adorable!

<3  Continue on and see what my amazing sister Melissa is up to this week !  <3

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  1. Lovely week! I am in love with your b&w conversions. So beautiful.