Tuesday, November 18, 2014

365 Project | Week 46

Favorites November 9 - 15, 2014

This 365 project is slowly coming to an end!  I can't believe I only have 6 more weeks left.  This year has gone by so fast and I cherish doing this project so much.

Day 313 {11.9.2014 Hide}  Where's Liam?  Liam was so fast today when he got his hands on Skyler's favorite hat.  Liam bolted upstairs and decided to hide in my bed!

Day 314 {11.10.2014 Banana} This is how all the cool kids each their bananas!

 Day 315 {11.11.2014 Veteran's Day}  Chloe was invited to be in the Wahiawa Veteran's Day Parade to represent her school!  As  you can see she is a natural Cheerleader!  Skyler and Liam had so much fun watching everyone in the parade and when Chloe came towards the end, you could see their eyes light up!  I think besides seeing Chloe their favorite part was the candy! 

Day 316 {11.12.2014 Bathroom}  I find him in the silliest places... Since we never use this shower in Liam's room he decided to have his own fun with it!

 Day 317 {11.13.2014 Oooops!} Man this boy keeps me on my toes! He was trying to share his bowl with Mommy!

 Day 318 {11.14.2014 Baby}   Once in a while I can see my little baby in him!

 Day 319 {11.15.2014 Beauty}  She gets more beautiful every day! I just love her curls and those adorable freckles!

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  1. Love seeing your 365 images. I cannot believe there are only six weeks left!

  2. Love the glimpse of life in your images! So real. Love the spilled cereal bowl shot!

  3. Gorgeous week, Jenny! I love the shots of Liam all around the house! Just like my Sophie... I think they would be fast friends!