Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Special Visitors

Family means the world to me and the biggest downfall living in this Beautiful state is, it is very hard to see family.  So when my parents came to visit you can just imagine the excitement we all were feeling!  One week is never enough time to visit with your parents and the time flies by TOO FAST!  Here is a glimpse into our week!

All day the Skyler would say "Is it time to go get Mama and Papa?"  
 Next few days we spent time at the beach in a cabin at our favorite beach!  Perfect little getaway!
As soon as we got the kids we had to check out the beach right away!  Who wouldn't!
The Swimsuit Time!
 Who wouldn't want a little snack while playing cards with Grandma!
The view from our patio! 
 Another day at the beach!
Liam didn't want to be put down at first after seeing some baby crabs.
We walked over to this little area where it was very shallow and Skyler named it "Skyler Beach"!
This was actually very relaxing!
 Chloe waited in this pose for Grandma to come out of the room! She is so adorable!
 Game Time with Grandma!  Chloe loves to play board games!
 Off to go bowling! This was Liam's first time ever.  We all had a blast!
 Liam entertain his siblings while waiting for everyone to get ready before we went on a pirate cruise!

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  1. these are all so beautiful. LOVE the color for you too. Chloe is becoming a stunning model. That pic of her looking serious and straight at the camera ... wow.