Tuesday, November 11, 2014

365 Project | Week 45

Favorites November 2 - 8, 2014

Day 306 {11.2.2014 Spills} Spill happen! And when they happen the painting begins lol! At least 
Liam love to help mommy clean up!

Day  307 {11.3.2014 Playtime}  Almost everyday Liam takes this train set out and sets it up! He loves making new tracks.  Mommy has to help with the bridge of course!  Liam and Skyler can play with cars and trains for hours!

Day 308 {11.4.2014 Arguments}  You can almost feel their frustrations here!  Today was just one of those days.  They were playing just nicely and then fighting, back to playing and then yelling again! I will cherish this image forever!

Day 309 {11.5.2014 Quiet Time}  Skyler decided he needed some alone time. But he did kept me company while I was working on dinner!

Day 310 {11.6.2014 Healing}  Skyler has been fighting a bug since halloween and today his body made him stop and take a rest.  He looks so peaceful!

Day 311 {11.7.2014 <3} They way my kids look at me with their puppy eyes just makes me melt! Liam decided his skin needed some extra color this morning too!

Day 312 {11.8.2014 Love}  So I was taking a picture of Chloe's camera necklace and Mr. Skyler hopped in the picture with big hugs for Chloe!  Best photo bomber ever!  He loves his sister so much!

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  1. That last one...is simply beautiful. Your kids are adorable!!

  2. LOVE seeing your images each week!