Saturday, November 15, 2014

Veteran's Day Parade

The boys have never been to a Parade yet so we were so happy when Chloe was invited to represent her school in the Wahiawa Veteran's Day Parade.  She was so excited too!  The boys were a little sad when I had to go drop Chloe off with her other school mates, but when I explained to them that we will see her marching down the road, it was all better!  Skyler and Liam were fascinated with all the soldiers marching along in formation.  But whats not to love!  Skyler even tried doing some tricks with this baseball bat when we got home like the soldiers did with their rifles.  It was a very long Parade.  Chloe was told she was going to be walking about 3 miles and of course she was toward the end.  Best for last, Right!  The boys felt so special when members of the parade started handing them flags, candy and pencils! Liam was very proud of his two flags and waved them pretty much the whole time! And Finally Chloe was in our sight!  She is a such a natural at cheering, we could hear her over the others and you could tell she was so proud to be apart of this parade!  We are very proud of her too!

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