Tuesday, February 17, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 7

Favorites February 8 - 14, 2015

Day 39 {2.8.2015 Beach}  Visiting the turtles one last time before my SIL left and I felt a little creative with my edit!  Turtle Bay is so beautiful!  This is the only way I could actually paint! LOL

Day 40 {2.9.2015 Early Riser} Even with staying up late last tonight to say goodbye to his Auntie, Liam is still an early riser. At least Chloe has someone to eat breakfast with.

Day 41 {2.10.2015 Twins} They are so twins! Yes, I dress them the same a lot but look their actions are the same too! Silly boys!

Day 42 {2.11.2015 Kisses}  The attack of a million kitty kisses!

Day 43 {2.12.2015 Routine}  Right away after school she knows her drill.  Homework, Chores, Play!  Even though she doesn't need glasses she loves to wear them for pretend.

 Day 44 {2.13.2015 Monkey Boy} I couldn't help but laugh and sneak a few pictures in before he ran off. He has been messing with his diaper a lot lately, so maybe potty training is in the future!

Day 45 {2.14.2015 Cheer} Chloe and her dolly all ready for the big game! Love watching her cheer!

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  1. love that sweet capture of your daughter and her doll. And that diaper bottom is hilarious! It makes me miss those days!

  2. So many favourites this week - the 'twins' shot, the saggy diaper, and Chloe's beautiful face!

  3. She looks very studious with those glasses!

  4. LOL!! Oh that image of little L and his heiny is just too much!

  5. Oh my goodness, such a fabulous week! LOVE the one with the diaper and the kitty kisses and the one of your daughter and her doll!

  6. What fun photos!! I love the kitty kisses!!