Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baby Girl Turns 9!

My baby girl turn 9!  Yes, I called her a baby, she will always be my baby girl.  When she hears me call her that, I get the biggest smile on her face!  I cherish every moment with her because before I know it, I will be helping her pack her bags and sending her off to college.   I love capturing my kids right away when the clock strikes midnight and seeing her cuddle her "Chloe" mermaid made it so much more special not to mention soooo adorable!  The day of her birthday, the boys and I went to the grocery store to find her the perfect cake and SCORE!  Pink cake with a bow, I couldn't ask for a more fitting cake.  Liam on the other had a different idea, he took the cake while sitting in the cart and put it upside down. OOOPS!  Luckily, not too much damage was done.  The day was perfect and memories are instilled in our heads forever! 

Birthday Girl turns 9
 Baby Girl turns 9

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  1. Happy Birthday Chloe! Wow time does fly doesn't it?